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Great service

Paul, 15 Feb 2021

This is absolutely our favourite place to get food in Manchester! We quite literally don’t go anywhere else. Thank you for being the best :-)

Kate, 14 Feb 2021

Hi, I really hate to leave negative feedback, but I'm on the following day from ordering the veg banquet for 4. It's irked me all yesterday evening and today how poor the quality of the meal was. It was without a doubt the blandest and poorly prepared meal that I've ever had from a Chinese Takeaway. There was lots leftover, not because of portions but because no one enjoyed it.! Everything was. overly oily. The mixed veg curry was so bad - some random veg swimming about in a watery bland curry sauce. The aubergines in the aubergine dish were not cooked properly and overall the meal felt incredibly disappointing. It was supposed to be a bit of a treat for us. I will not only not be using you again but also would not be able to recommend your restaurant. . Frankly I'm surprised your chefs weren't embarrassed to send it out their kitchen. I would like a response please -

Paula Caley, 31 Jan 2021

Nice food

Sahir, 29 Dec 2020

Excellent food

Sahir, 21 Nov 2020

Very good taste and lovely service

Ahmad, 18 Nov 2020


Xavier, 11 Nov 2020

Excellent food and great customer service

Sahir, 31 Oct 2020


Unfortunately neither of us really enjoined this meal. Everything tasted like cooking oil. Way too much oil. The seaweed was limp not crispy and we could only taste oil. There was no sugar not much salt or seasoning which was very.... Different. The ribs were the best even though they were lamb which was unexpected but again they were too oily which was a shame. The chicken mushroom oyster sauce dish tasted OK at first... but it was quite bland and tasted oily. The sauce was too thin which didn't help. The mushroom and chicken itself was nice but the oily tasted made me feel too nauseous to finish the meal. The other meal was a beef and black pepper sauce dish. The taste of black pepper was overwhelming and the sauce wasn't thick enough. The meat and the vegetables were nice though but again this meal was also too oily and couldn't be finished. The egg fried rice was nice but couldn't really be enjoyed by itself. Very disappointed. Both of us now feel very sick.

Sarah, 29 Sep 2020


Mrs Shahzad, 16 Sep 2020


Johanna, 07 Dec 2019

Tasty food but bit unsure why I ordered the buddha banquet and seemed to get seaweed instead of prawn crackers and chicken wings instead of ribs.

Emma Symonds, 24 Nov 2019


Amjad, 26 Oct 2019

Thanks for the great food everytime

Shu, 21 Oct 2019

Hot soup was very good Didn't like the way the ribs looked or tasted chicken chilli was ok Overall i've just had a lot better for that price but thanks anyway delivery was super fast

Carl, 05 Oct 2019


Gillian, 29 Jul 2019

  Reply : Thank you Gillian

We are staying at the hospital and found you last week, it was lovely so we are ordering again. Thank you

Pam, 28 Jul 2019

  Reply : Thank you Pam

We ordered a szechuan hot and sour soup but it didn't arrive with the rest of our order.. I called but couldn't get through to anyone at the restaurant...

Rachel, 21 Jul 2019

  Reply : Sorry for inconvenience... we will certainly look into it get you back..

I've ordered your takeaway 3 times from Deliveroo, you never disappoint me! Every time the food is so delicious and authentic, I goggled your restaurant and have to leave a good review here as well. Keep it up!

Sue, 16 Jul 2019

that was quick and delicious!!! thank you very much

Chippington, 22 May 2019

  Reply : Thank you

Authentic Chinese and HALAL. The kids love this restaurant

Samantha, 23 Mar 2019

  Reply : Thank you and Buddha loves you all Samantha

always AMAZING, great food, very fast service, great prices, I recommend buddha express to everyone in Manchester, the best takeaway I have ever had in my life

Erica, 18 Feb 2019

Very happy with the food and prompt service! Highly reccomend Buddha Express

Nadia Ahmad,

It's good


Good food


Food is good but always ends up being sort of expensive